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Potawot Health Village

commercial stream

Sitework, Drainage, Building Pad for

United Indian Health Services

Potawot Health Village; Arcata, CA

Owner: United Indian Health Services




This project consisted of the construction of 5 acres of wetlands, a treatment wetland, a 1 acre building pad, and a complete drainage system at a Native American health facility in Arcata, California.

Starting in the parking lot, Hooven & Co., Inc. installed swales and flow control structures to de-synchronize the stormwater flows. After the stormwater passes through the swales, the water continues through a series of vegetated and rock lined swales into a clay-lined treatment wetland. The owners took special care to ensure the swales looked and functioned as naturally as possible. In the treatment wetland, the water is "cleaned" through the use of a variety of wetland plant life. Within the treatment area, there is another flow control structure which releases the treated stormwater to the enhancement wetland area. One remarkable aspect of this project is that despite several acres of impervious surface, all of the water is treated and retained on site. This project required us to work closely with consultants, engineers, and the owners to achieve the treatment, enhancement, and restoration goals of the project. This innovative drainage system was designed by Humboldt Water Resources.

Hooven & Co., Inc.       License #663866

3445 Central Avenue McKinleyville, CA

General Engineering Contractor


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